Melanie Keller

studies in Physics at University of Würzburg
research associate in the Department of Empirical Educational Research (University
of Konstanz), School of Education (University of Salzburg), and Physics Education (IPN)
head of Junior Research Group at Kiel Science Outreach Campus

The transmission of affective states in instructional settings

In her research, Melanie Keller will address transmission processes of affective states in instructional settings. Past research has shown that affect, emotions and enthusiasm not only influence instructors’ behavior, but also impact recipients (affective) responses. More precisely, affect is known to be transmitted between interaction partners, a process known as emotional contagion.

Central questions in this focus of the junior research group will be:
• To what extent and under which conditions are emotions induced by the instructor?
• What are the behaviors that transmit emotional states? What role does expressive behavior and arousal play in the transmission process?

In so doing, this research connects to Melanie Keller‘s work-todate in educational psychology, addresses basic processes and draws on well-established theories such as the emotion as social information-paradigm.