research projects

Within KiSOC, we examine the central objectives of the overall project in individual research projects. The doctoral projects of the currently eleven doctoral students form a focal point. In addition, there are the projects of the junior research group and associated projects.

research projects focusing on outreach media

These projects focus on comparative studies concerning the design and impact of different outreach media. The works also investigate their combination depending on factors such as previous knowledge and attitudes on the part of the recipients or design factors on the part of media. Perception processes with regard to emotional, affective and cognitive effects are recorded. This is done in observational and think-aloud studies, by means of surveys and physiological measures.

In the projects both classical media such as texts or hands-on experiments as well as multimedia digital media such as videos, virtual and augmented realities or immersive media are analysed. The designs are (quasi-)experimental and compare or vary individual factors such as text genres, virtual media or representations in exhibits.

research projects focussing on interactive and participative formats

These projects do not look at an isolated outreach medium, but at the effects of more complex designs such as exhibitions or programs in student labs. The studies focus on the investigation of prerequisites and processes required by the recipients to realize and optimize the intended goals through the overall concept and its design principles.

Design parameters are integrated into this approach towards evaluation research, which, based on the current state of research, allow effects to be achieved more specifically. This includes, for example, the installation of reflection tasks or prompts. The investigations are carried out in the field and thus observe the ecological validity of the findings.

research projects focussing on the communicators

These research activities are projects of the Junior Research Group. Unlike the doctoral projects, which are primarily in the first two areas, these projects are devoted to research and to promoting the knowledge, attitudes and skills of communicators. The design of communication processes by various actors is also part of the research in this area.